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Did you know that websites can track your browsing activities without any cookies?

The tracking libraries on the websites that don’t mark your browser by the use of cookies or any other browser storages are called fingerprinting. Such libraries make a snapshot of your browser and operating system and then distinguish you from all the other visitors of the website. Panopticlick demonstrates the power of fingerprinting.

Is there any protection from fingerprinting?

For the moment, there is no protection from fingerprinting. Browser extensions that change some of the parameters of your browser’s snapshot make you even more identifiable because there are often other ways to check the values of these parameters. However, some of your parameters change by themselves, for example, after your web browser updates, or simply when you travel or use external monitors. Panopticlick does not take it into account, however effective fingerprinting libraries are able to identify you because they monitor your consequent visits to the websites.

How trackable is your browser in a long term?

This is exactly what we are trying to figure out. We created a StopFingerprinting browser extension that is logging the web browser fingerprints and analyse how quickly they change over time. The more users we have, the more precise data we will obtain!